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MeebitsDAO: Community Update #001

5 June 2021: There’s so much happening right now!

Titles by Kerimbonia, our 3D Evangelist

Welcome to the first of our weekly updates, since we’ve now finished the 5-part series of posts Introducing MeebitsDAO.

Our Website is Live

As a first step towards opening the DAO, the website is live at: — sign up for early access to the community.

Community Statistics

We’ve been working to have a presence on all the key social channels.

  • Twitter: 1,361 followers — We launched our Twitter channel 8-May and that’s our most active, with incredible growth and engagement.
  • Discord: Early access members — We’ve gradually been opening up our Discord, following a sign-up process at The limited access community has already been spinning up projects, many of which you can see posted to our Twitter. Sign up now!
  • Instagram — Just launched!
  • TikTok — Just launched!
  • YouTube — Launched with our website trailer video:

Community Evangelists

We’re excited to have signed up a bunch of great folks who will be helping us connect the Meebits community to other communities where we can collaborate on projects or bring Meebits onto their platforms!

The Sandbox

We haven’t found our community evangelist for The Sandbox yet, but we’ve been talking to the team, and we polled the community, so we’re excited about building a space for Meebits in The Sandbox — watch this space!

Somnium Space

SuperMassive— A.K.A. Our favorite crypto YouTube streamer The Defiant has bought a huge plot of land in Somnium Space which we can build out as a Meebits World.


Trippyogi — You might know him from his amazing artwork (trippy by name, trippy by nature), but he’s also a big advocate for bringing Meebits into Decentraland, and we’re looking forward to supporting that effort.

FI5HY — Another familiar face from the NFT community, and also an advocate for the AR/VR platform, OVR — won’t it be cool to see Meebits running around in a real space?


ChillZone — The community also wants to see Meebits enter into one of the Crypto/NFT fan favorite virtual worlds, Cryptovoxels.

Larva Labs Community

SNOW / Manekari — There are a lot of great Meebits posts and discussions happening in the Larva Labs Discord channel, so SNOW has volunteered to bridge the communities.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

TheKidKollector — There’s a friendly rivalry between Apes and Meebits and we’re here with popcorn. Seriously though, we want both projects to succeed and we’re excited to track BAYC’s experiments in the Metaverse.

Ongoing Projects

Thanks to Segwitnitwit for writing up this summary of projects that have been active in the past week:

Plenty of projects going on!

  • VOX-to-VRM work continues moving along at a great pace (shoutout @elsewhat#1765 ) — all of the .vox files on the google drive have been converted to .vrm files (at least the ones that were present at the time of conversion)
  • You can run around with your Meebit .vrm using
  • User @cyberh49 has started selling Meebands! Which are a fun collection of famous bands/artists built w/ voxels (unofficial project, but lots of fun)
  • You can create a profile in the metaverse registry which shows your meebits and allows others to contact you (shoutout @Vuhg#0593)
Running around in Unity Room using Elsewhat’s VRM conversion

Be a part of building the Metaverse! Sign up for early access.



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