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MeebitsDAO: Community Update #009

02 August 2021 — The #DAOWakening & Meet the Founders!

Have you tried yet?

Gold Ticket Promotion

We’ve kicked off the Gold Ticket promotion for the Dissect the Dissected Giveaway in the Discord. It’s a reward to the early adopters and participants in the community, so if you’re in there — claim yours!

Keep an eye out for news about the live event, where we’ll be distributing 30,000 DSMB in rewards (~ $90k USD at the current value! 🔥🔥🔥)

DSMB holders will also be able to join Club Dissected — a community for people who own Dissected Fragments, and a great way for people who don’t own a Meebit to get involved in the MeebitsDAO community!

Meet the Founders

We’ve had a great round of onboarding our Founder Members, and we’re so proud of the team we’ve assembled that we can’t wait to introduce them to you — so we’re starting a series in these community updates, Meet the Founders — where we’ll let them talk about themselves!

Hi, I’m flashrekt, founder #82 and pseudoanon from Midwest, US. My meatspace background is in IT infrastructure with a focus on networking and security. A crypto investor since 2017, recent good fortunes have enabled me to fully embrace the DeFi & NFT degen lifestyle. Nowadays you’ll find me lurking in your favorite discord, getting excited about the future wonders of a smart contract connected society. I’m here to spread the Meebits gospel and do whatever I can to ensure their success in the metaverse and beyond!

aka Evil, from New Delhi, India. I was introduced to this vast and ever expanding metaverse when Ryoma from Makersplace invited me over via an email back in early February of 2020s. Everything was kinda confusing that time but I learned my way through by being a part of various communities and increasing my understanding of how this place works. I’m currently a Creative Director for a start up which I also happened to help build as a freelance, ultimately joining them when they got decent success. I’m also a student since I’m specialization in 3D and also doing concept art and helping people people in the crypto community by providing them enough gas fees to mint their first artworks because I think money shouldn’t be a matter when an artist wants to show the world what they create. I started a community around Indian artist named “ Cryptoart India Collective” and I can proudly say that our core members are literally one of the OG crypto artist from India, including me too :V . I established this to provide guidance to the new artist and create a safe haven for them, all while being vigilant in the space. I truly believe that decentralization and this is why months back, all before Meebits was even a thing and pfp collectibles didn’t even exist, only avastar was seen as pfp collectibles, I met Kai that time on a discord server and even shared how I wanted to be a part of something in the metaverse and for the long term. After so many months I was honoured to be on-board Meebits DAO as one of the founders, that too through Kai.

Also, follow the series of blog posts Jatin has been writing about his journey into MeebitsDAO

kerimbonia is my artist and company name. I am a 3d artist and animator, but more of an uber generalist when it comes to 3d as I have worked on everything from character animation for video games and film, to assisting visual artists with realizing large-scale public sculpture and architectural installations, to working 10+ years in the automotive industry as a lead 3d designer for companies such as gm, toyota, nissan, hyundai, volkswagen and lamborghini. more recently, i have been vjing and creating 3d content for lives shows and artists such as superbowl, nhl, nintendo, cirque du soleil, rihanna, britney spears, cher, calvin harris, dj tiesto and so on. lurking in the darkness since 2017, i finally took the plunge into the crypto and nft space by purchasing my first meebit in may 2021 and assisting the community with their meebits 3d files; eventually working my way to becoming the 3d evangelist for the meebitsDAO. the rest, as they say, is history.

Community Growth

It’s the #DAOWakening!

We’ve achieved more Twitter follower than current Meebits owners — furthering our mission to build the open metaverse that is exciting for Meebits and non-Meebits owners alike. We’ll continue to promote programs like Club Dissected and to reach out to under-represented communities in our upcoming Meebits Like Me campaign to bring the joy of Meebits to everyone!

  • Discord — 819 members, +17 this week, ~ 216 on waitlist (We’ve intentionally slowed new additions to the Discord while the Gold ticket promotion is running)
  • Twitter — 4,879 followers, +321 this week
  • Instagram — 257 followers, +34 this week
  • YouTube — 185 subscribers
  • Newsletter/Sign-ups — 2348 sign-ups, +172 this week

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