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MeebitsDAO: Team roles & responsibilities

Part 5 — Call for open community roles

We’re getting ready!

Getting Organized — The ‘O’ in DAO

We’re getting close to opening the MeebitsDAO for membership, and we hope to achieve the vision of a fully decentralized, self-maintaining system, owned and governed by our members.

We’ve started to define team structures and roles & responsibilities to help us launch the DAO, understanding that this will surely evolve over time as we continue to involve more members in the decision-making process.

Current organization:

  • Bootstrap Team — The steering group currently spending time and resources on the infrastructure, engineering and administrative setup of the DAO
  • Core Team — The early team working on behalf of the DAO
  • Community Leaders — Members who are playing a hands-on role in building an developing the MeebitsDAO community across various channels and platforms, and acting as evangelists to connect us to other communities
  • Advisory Board — People who are actively helping us in our decision making, lending their experience and extending to us their networks to help make the MeebitsDAO as success

Future organization:

  • Voting Members — Members who hold a ‘voting seat’ and will have the ability to vote directly on proposals and decisions related to the administration of the DAO and its funds
  • General Members — Non-voting members who will still hold a stake in the DAO via member token and will be able to shape the direction of the DAO via their support of the Voting Members to whom they delegate their tokens
  • Sponsors — Individuals and organizations who will be able to suggest proposals and fund bounties for the DAO to complete


For each type of role, we have different requirements, mainly to ensure that those members are engaged and have ‘skin in the game’ when it comes to moving the DAO forward in achieving our goals.

Bootstrap Team

Time & funding — to decentralize over time

Requirement: 10x Meebits Owners

  • Kai, Founder
  • Bart, Founding Sponsor (BLOCK::BLOCK)
  • Mark, Founding Sponsor (BLOCK::BLOCK)

Core Team

Requirement: Meebits Owner

  • Mike (Ginza), Community Manager
  • Angele, Community Outreach
  • Josh (Peej), Technical Advisor
  • TBD, Developer Support
  • TBD, Community Moderators

Community Leaders

Requirement: Meebits owner (with exceptions)

  • Dagfinn (Elsewhat), Developer Evangelist
  • Kerim (Kerimbonia), 3D Evangelist
  • Jin, Metaverse Evangelist
  • Snow (Manekari), Community Evangelist, LarvaLabs Discord
  • Trippyogi, Community Evangelist, Decentraland
  • SuperMassive, Community Evangelist, Somnium Space
  • FI5HY, Community Evangelist,
  • TheKidKollector, Community Evangelist, Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Chillzone, Community Evangelist, CryptoVoxels
  • TBD, Community Evangelist, The Sandbox
  • TBD, Community Evangelist, Roblox

Advisory Board

Requirement: Meebits Owner (with exceptions)

Voting Members

Requirement: Meebits owner, Voting Seat owner: limit 200

General Members

Requirement: Member Token holders— used for staking in voting members’ seats

Platform Partners

Requirement: Community & developer support

  • Sebastien, The Sandbox


Requirement: Sponsorship of Proposals & Bounties

  • BLOCK::BLOCK, Founding Sponsor

Everything here is a work-in-process — DM us on Twitter with feedback @MeebitsDAO start shaping the community now with your advice & opinions!

Now what?

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