Checking the Mexican Elections

How a unique team of journalists is using Check to verify and debunk media and viral information on election day #EleccionesMéxico

Today, millions of voters across Mexico will head to polling stations to choose their next president, governors, senators, and public figures, in Mexico’s biggest ever election. Over 10,000 candidates across the country are running for local, regional and national office in a democratic process that may reshape the future of the country.

The Verificado 2018 team, which has been working since the start of the campaigns to fact check claims, debunk viral misinformation, and verify media, has gathered in a collaborative Pop-Up Newsroom to cover election day. Our goal is simple: to provide reliable, clear information to citizens in real time.

Stand up meeting to start the day June 30, 2018

To do this, journalists in the Mexico City newsroom and across the country will use our open source fact checking and verification platform Check to coordinate their efforts, along with other key technology partners such as Krzana, Crowdtangle, and Slack.

Throughout the day, our team will be monitoring social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and receiving verification requests through WhatsApp and Twitter, before investigating the top claims and incidents and publishing our findings via Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and through

Verificado Newsroom June 29, 2018
Si estás en México, o estás siguiendo las elecciones de extranjero, puedes mandarnos contenido, frases y incidentes para verificar por WhatsApp (+5215512455032), Twitter (#QuieroQueVerifiquen), y Facebook (

Check, Meedan’s open source collaborative verification and fact checking platform, has been used in election monitoring projects in Egypt, USA, France, UK, Kenya and now in Mexico.
To request access to Check, get in touch here.