CrossCheck launches to combat false information ahead of elections in France

34 newsroom partners collaborating through Check to debunk rumors and false claims

Launched today in Paris by First Draft and Google News Lab, CrossCheck is a pioneering collaboration between some of France and Europe’s leading newsrooms to debunk rumors and false claims and accurately report confusing and misleading stories in the run-up to presidential elections in April.

Check, Meedan’s open source collaborative verification and fact checking platform, will provide a central workbench facilitating this collaboration, allowing participating journalists and editors a simple and powerful framework to work together to investigate and annotate links, media and claims.

After being investigated in Check and assigned a status, claims are being published to the CrossCheck liveblog (accessible here) and through participating news outlets.

“The core values of our profession are under attack. We need to respond together, and CrossCheck is a significant step in that direction.” — AFP News Director Michèle Léridon

To find out more about CrossCheck visit First Draft News and follow @CrossCheck on Twitter. To request early access to Check, fill out the form here.