Keep Archiving on Check

The Check team is pleased to introduce the enhanced archiving services through Keep, the newest addition to our product suite. The Keep archiving suite is a Check Pro feature enabled upon request and paid subscription.

One of the pressing challenges for digital journalism is content disappearing from the internet. Archiving services guarantee that you always have a backup link and a screenshot for the media item you added to Check. If you have Keep enabled for your team, it will automatically do any or all of three things with any URL added to Check:

1. Add the URL to

2. Add the URL to Video Vault, a special video archiving service maintained by RightsLab. This works with URLs from YouTube, Twitter or Facebook that contain videos.

3. Take a screenshot of the link

Once you add a link from a social media account to your project on Check, Keep starts to back up this media item. Visiting the media item link after a couple of minutes, you will see three annotations added to your media item’s page after archiving.

It may take up to an hour for your link to get archived, three notes are added to your Verification Timeline while the archiving process is in progress.

Notes get updated with links and screenshots once archiving is complete.

Interested in enabling Keep archiving for your team? Please let us know at

If you work in digital media and want to try out Check as a way to streamline and coordinate your social news gathering and verification workflow, request early access to Check here.

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