“IT IS TIME TO MOVE AHEAD”, from the trailer for #SIF17

Meedan at #SIF17- Meet us in Stockholm!

This week, Meedan is participating in the Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF) which is taking place May 17–18, at Sida andMünchenbryggeriet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm Internet Forum is an international forum for in-depth dialogue and discussions on how a free, open and secure internet promotes human rights and development worldwide, main theme for 2017 is “Access and Power” with an aim to #LeaveNo1Offline. The forum brings together policymakers, civil society representatives, activists, business representatives and technical community representatives.

We are excited to share our recent experiences in collaborative verification and fact-checking projects and social media translation at #SIF17.

Tuesday, May 16

Responsible data forum: Open source investigation for human rights

(15:00–17:00) at Hörsalen

This is the latest event in the Responsible Data Forum series, a collaborative effort to develop useful tools and strategies for dealing with the ethical, security and privacy challenges facing data-driven advocacy. Convening by Meedan and The Engine Room.

Tom Trewinnard — Director of Development, Meedan

Wednesday, May 17

Empowering technologies in hostile environments

(16:00–17:30) at Milles

The situation for democracy and human rights is on a global decline. More and more people are living in or under difficult and sometimes also hostile conditions. This can be because of conflict, social unrest, being part of a marginalized community or due to systematic or structural power injustices. This session investigates what technology already is out there, how it is best used, but also — what is yet to be developed. Follow the hashtag #SIFB4

Ed Bice — founding CEO of Meedan

Thursday, May 18

Translating the Global Web: Reducing Language Barriers to Increase Access

(9:30–9:50) at Mässhallen

In this session, An Xiao Mina, product manager at Meedan, will present briefly on language barriers as observed in a refugee camp in Serbia and in the context of global digital journalism. A short discussion will follow on a framework for articulating the range of technological challenges to language access, as a part of OPEN SIF, a platform where you as a participant can present an idea, project or initiative. Follow the hashtag #SIF3A