Meedan Fact Checkers: Global Fact 5


Meedan is pleased to join fact-checkers from all over the world in the Fifth Global Fact-Checking Summit, #GlobalFact5 taking place in Rome on June 20–22.

If you’re a fact checker or lead a fact checking team, we’d love to show you Check — our open source toolkit for collaborative fact checking and verification! Find me Wafaa Heikal to learn more about how @Check can support your work!

Check is a verification desk that allows journalists, researchers, and students to structure a process of investigating online content in collaboration. Check supports teams who verify digital media consistently and openly.

The Global Fact-Checking Summit (Global Fact) is the premier conference dedicated to fact-checking worldwide. Global Fact is organized by Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network and has been held every year since 2014.

Global Fact 5 will address some of the most important issues in fact-checking and misinformation, including:

  1. Reaching out with facts to skeptical audiences.
  2. New formats for fact-checking.
  3. Acceleration and automation of the fact-checking process.
  4. Fact-checking and the platforms
To request early access to Check, get in touch here.