Meet Keep, our new archival tool for Check

With Keep integrated in Check, you can now get an automatic notification in your log that the item has been backed up, with a link to the files.

Meedan is pleased to announce that we have now integrated Keep, a platform for archiving online video, into Check, our collaborative verification platform.

For select teams, people who add a video to Check for verification will find that their videos are automatically archived by Keep, a collaborative project by RightsLab and Meedan.

With an increased reliance on user generated content, newsrooms face a challenge: what to do when an embedded video, image, or social media link goes down? Rigorous verification work requires that content continue to be available as a point of reference. Keep supports smart, powerful archiving of online videos and images, and it’s now designed to work seamlessly with Check, our platform for collaborative newsgathering and verification used by independent media, journalism educators and human rights researchers.

The Keep preservation package contains the video, a preview of frames and even a screenshot of where the video was embedded. This entire package can be saved to your desktop or Dropbox as well.

Keep allows you to:

  • Safely archive videos from platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LiveLeak and dozens of other sources
  • Automate secure archiving on platforms of your choice, such as Dropbox, Amazon Web Services or your own servers
  • Provide screen captures, metadata capture, and facilitate basic video analysis

Video Vault, the engine behind Keep, has been actively used by hundreds of journalists and human rights practitioners to enhance their collection, analysis and verification workflows over the past years. During the Summer 2017, we are piloting this service with Amnesty International’s Digital Verification Corps, as they seek to document videos of human rights abuses online.

If you’d like to try out Keep on your Check team, please reach out to, and we can talk about how to set up this feature.

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