Task Notes on Check

After much feedback from our user base, the Check team is pleased to introduce a new feature: notes on tasks. This provides a way to discuss the question being asked, and maybe the response too, within the task in a conversation thread.

It’s easy to add notes to a task. You just need to visit the item’s page and click on the speech bubble icon below the task you want to comment on.

Notes can be added to an assigned task before adding a response, and can still be added to a task even after it gets resolved. This allows team to discuss responses and evidence before formally submitting a response.

Each note has its own permalink that can be shared to anchor directly to this note.

Interested to see how these notes work? Go ahead and try them on your Check team.

If you work in digital media and want to try out Check as a way to streamline and coordinate your social news gathering and verification workflow, request early access to Check here.