Bot Garden User Guide

Jun 12, 2019 · 2 min read

Check allows for extensible scripts and functions that help you augment your verification experience with tools like WhatsApp integration, archiving and language detection. We call these scripts bots, and they live in the Bot Garden.

How To Find the Bot Garden

As a team owner, go to the team page and click the settings icon. You will find a tab for “Bots”. You can find a link there for browsing the bot garden:

Or, you can see our bot garden by directly visiting:

If you are a team owner, you can see the bots installed for your team by visiting the settings page and selecting the bots tab.

Adding Bots

Activate a Bot

You can easily activate a bot for your team by clicking on the bot you want to activate. Click the “in use” button to ON.

Whenever you want to deactivate the bot from your team, you can switch the “in use” button to off.

As friendly helpers, bots are a part of your team. After installing a bot to your team, the bot will show as a team member in the members list, with its access level (owner, editor, journalist, contributor) indicated

Meedan User Guides

Note from the editor User guides for Check and Bridge, produced by Meedan

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