Check Browser Extension

By: Noha Daoud

Check browser extension facilitates adding media items to your Check projects directly from your browser. It works for Firefox and Chrome, and you can download them here:

If you are not logged into Check, the Check icon will show in grey and you will need to log in using your Check credentials. If you are already logged in, Check icon will detect this and automatically turn to blue.

Add item to Check by clicking the extension in the upper right hand corner

  • Browse the internet, and find a Tweet, YouTube video, Facebook post or an Instagram photo that you want your team to investigate
  • Click the Check icon in the upper right hand corner.
  • Choose one of the projects you want to add this item to, and click save.
  • After the item is saved, you can click on the title to open up Check and begin adding your notes.

Add item to Check by right clicking on the item URL

In addition to clicking the Check icon from the upper right hand corner, you can right click on the item URL and select ‘Check’. This kicks off the process as described above.

Add item by selecting text

You can also select text from anywhere on the internet and add it as a free text claim on Check. No link required.

Add item from Tweetdeck

On browsing Tweetdeck in your web browser (unfortunately, this doesn’t yet work with the web app!) you can select to add any of the tweets to Check by right clicking the link of the tweet and selecting ‘Check’.

Add item from WhatsApp

Text sent to you on whatsapp can also be selected and added to Check as a claim. Access web whatsapp, select the text you want to add and right click to select ‘Check’ icon.