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Everything you need to get back to work in a pandemic. — Sofia Perea, PharmD, PhD, MCSO

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how businesses around the world operate. Companies are having to rethink how they maintain a safe workplace. It is estimated that approximately 78% of all non-essential businesses hope to bring their employees back to the workplace by end of August. In addition, 41% of employees are afraid to go back to the workplace due to COVID-19, according to a recent survey. To navigate these new challenges, companies will need a thoughtful approach that protects the privacy of their employees while ensuring the company can adhere to new health and safety measures.

Meenta Inc. is the world’s first online platform for finding and ordering COVID-19 tests. The platform is designed to help companies safely reopen workplaces and operate during the COVID-19 pandemic while giving employees control over how they actively and willingly participate in the process of privately sharing their personal healthcare data. Meenta helps companies mitigate COVID- 19 risk via a private, HIPAA-compliant, data-secure online platform that enables you to streamline the back-to-work process. Our distributed platform provides access to many types of sample collection kits (viral and antibody tests) and has a capacity to perform 500,000 tests/day across more than 100 FDA/EUA certified clinical labs.

The platform helps businesses communicate necessary health protocols and creates a transparent process for employees to share important COVID-19 related health data. The online platform provides the following services:

1. For employees: Daily access to a mobile Symptom Tracking App to detect symptomatic cases. The App can be used as a stand-alone product or associated with testing.

2. For employers: Our data-driven testing model allows you to test only a fraction of your staff/faculty/students (target sample) providing significant savings, and allowing the detection of asymptomatic, albeit infectious, employees. Employers can simply select the test types online and have a Meenta-In-A-Box shipped to their business place. The platform also provides employers a daily dashboard for incident monitoring and reporting.

What is MEENTA-In-A-Box?

Meenta-In-A-Box is a service provided by Meenta Inc. for employers that want to be tested. The customer can select the type of test (viral, antibody test, or both), and once he/she has registered on our web page, and in a matter of 1–2 days will receive the MEENTA-In-A-Box in their workplace. Employers will have to fill out the Authorization for Release of Information as well as the COVID-19 Testing Consent form, prior to being tested.

The box contains everything required to conduct the tests safely. Such items include:

List of employees/customers being tested (in alphabetical order)

Test kits (from specific supplier)

Testing protocol for specific test type & specimen collection guidelines

Printed stickers with barcodes for each of the tests collected

Medical supplies to perform the test safely: Alcohol wipes; sharp containers; disinfectant wipes; bandaids; hand sanitizer

Biohazard Bags

Sharp Container

Personal protective equipment (PPE) for Clinician and Site Administration: Gloves and masks

Material required to maintain social distancing (> 6 feet) among employees during testing: Measuring tape, paper tape, signs (wear a mask and keep distance)

Meenta-In-a-Box can also include if needed, medical oversight, and sample collection services in all 50 states.

In addition, Meenta-In-A-Box also offers a detailed protocol to follow the day of the testing.


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We are changing the way the world accesses clinical tests and scientific equipment. Any Test. Any Time. One Marketplace.

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