Introduction to Meeo

The coolest IoT Dashboard ever for beginners

A lot of people are doing Internet of Things projects around the world. We want you to join the IoT revolution! Meeo is the perfect platform to learn IoT!


Under the hood, Meeo uses MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) as its communications protocol.

You need to know the following terminologies when it comes to MQTT:

  • topic — this is a concept in MQTT where messages will pass through. Think of it as a classroom. If you want to learn (receive) or teach (send) Geometry, you must go to the Geometry Room. 
    In Meeo, a topic is prefixed by your namespace and then the channel (i.e. es-d3uleiqm/room-temperature where es-d3uleiqm is your namespace and room-temperature is your channel).
“room-temperature” is the channel
  • payload — this is the data or information that you want to send or receive.
  • publish — this is the action to send data to the topic.
  • subscribe — this is the action to receive data from the topic.


Widgets are components that can display data from your devices or send data to your devices. Meeo features a wide variety of widgets.

These widgets can be used for displaying data:

  • Chart — use this widget to display sensor data over time.
  • Location — use this widget to display GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) on Google Map.
  • Level — use this widget to display sensor data that can be described as a percentage (0% to 100%)
  • Temperature — use this widget to display temperature data in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Text Feed — use this widget to display textual data from your device.
  • On/Off State — use this widget to display sensor data that can be described with only two states (on or off, 1 or 0).

These widgets can be used for sending data:

  • Toggle — use this widget to control your appliances. This widget acts like an on/off switch.
  • Color Picker — use this widget to control the color of your lights.
  • Slider — use this widget like a potentiometer. You can use this to indicate speed or threshold.
  • Text Field — use this widget to send textual data to your device.

The easiest way to get started with Meeo is to add a new widget! Adding a widget is very easy, just click/press the “Add Widget” button from the Navigation Bar as shown on the image below:

Navigation Bar

After pressing the “Add Widget” button, you can now choose the widget you would like to add from the Widget Menu:

Widget Menu

For the next steps in adding a widget, you can check these guides depending on the widget you have chosen:

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