Organic Growth Manager Deljo Joseph has learnt the art of being outcome driven at Meesho

Amrita Bose
Feb 14, 2020 · 6 min read

From being the founder of an online spice selling platform from Kerala to being an ace online marketer, Deljo Joseph has been on a constant journey of learning and self discovery right from the beginning of his career. Born and brought up in a village called Thankamany in Idukki district of Kerala, Deljo stepped out of his tiny hamlet for the first time to pursue a career in commerce in Kottayam. But right from the start Deljo had a burning ambition to do something on his own — to become an entrepreneur.

Post college, the commerce graduate set his sights on Kerala Startup Village, a not for profit business incubator based out of Kochi. Deljo, along with his friends, launched a startup there selling Kerala spices online for around three years, and were also consulting on online marketing alongside. “Somehow we were not able to scale. This was our first gig, right out of college, so we were novices actually,” Deljo explains. “Once we realised this, we knew that we had to move onto something else and then we set our sights onto India’s silicon valley — Bangalore. “One of the main reasons for the move was to actually work in a startup to see how it works and how the business accelerates,” he says.

Deljo then moved to Bangalore in 2016 with only the experience (an invaluable one at that) of having done something on his own. A similar adventurous entrepreneurial spirit he would later find among many of his comrades at Meesho. Because at Meesho, several employees are themselves former entrepreneurs, having founded startups too.

Online is the way forward

Deljo was always interested in online marketing, even though he had no background in it. “When we started on our own, we realised that online marketing had that huge potential of reaching out to a mass of people rather than offline marketing. That was why we ended up doing a business attached to online marketing,” he says. After working for two years as a digital marketing manager in startups, Deljo joined Meesho in 2018 because he wanted to get into a company where he could see growth at scale.

Deljo joined the Acquisition org (then known as Marketing) as an Organic Growth Manager. “I was hired for SEO, but as soon as I joined I was given the target of higher growth in a short span of time. This is when I brought in Influencer Marketing into Meesho. Through influencer marketing we could drive significant growth and that was something I considered as a success,” Deljo notes.

Learning at scale

Deljo with his team on an outing!

According to Deljo, the good thing about startups is that they are very dynamic. One can experiment across multiple projects within a short span of time. The objectives often keep changing and it keeps you on your toes. “For me personally, this is a very exciting atmosphere to be in. And this is where I think I have gotten massive exposure at Meesho,” he says, adding:

“Meesho was always the kind of startup I wanted to work for when I moved to Bangalore in 2016. While it took me two years to land in Meesho, the journey that followed was absolutely incredible and surreal. At Meesho we get opportunities to take risks, own and do work that impacts masses. The knowledge and growth that comes along with it is ineffable.”

Deljo prefers the slightly chaotic but challenging atmosphere of a startup such as Meesho where he has the freedom to experiment rather than a structured eco system where you might end up doing the same old thing everyday. “I love taking risks and Meehso is very open to that. In startups such as Meesho, if you want to learn and grow, you get plenty of opportunities. Here you can take risks, you can execute, you can iterate and if you fail, you can still learn from it and move on to the next challenge, and build. And this is invaluable to me!”

Most valued

“At Meesho, Taking Ownership is the value that resonates the most with me, not only professionally, but also personally. I consider any project on hand as if it were my own company and that I am entirely in charge — from start to finish. I have to make sure that it is successful. Think 10X and Speed over Perfection are other values I do imbibe when the question is of scaling. But I do think my core value is still Taking Ownership. Because when I have ownership, I know at what speed I need to operate and if all the other Meesho values are followed through with, I know that my core value of ownership will also be met,” Deljo says.

As part of the Acquisition Team, Deljo and his team’s job is to make sure that they acquire the right kind of resellers on the Meesho platform. “If a certain number of people are doing good business on the app, how can we replicate a similar audience? How can we get more of them? We will try to acquire more resellers, who follow through in terms of quality. That’s how we eventually make them successful,” he explains.

An open culture

The Organic Growth Manager feels that at Meesho there is a culture of encouraging experimentation and constant feedback, and if one is fetching results, no one really questions you. This sort of an open culture promotes a lot of creativity and growth.

Apart from concentrating on analytics and growth hacking, Deljo also loves the fact that thanks to Meesho he has been able to overcome his stage fright. Not only has he acted in several online marketing promotion videos but has also been a speaker at our Mission Rise event in Trivandrum, where he conducted a session in Malayalam. “After school I’d never been on stage, but thanks to Meesho, I recently went up on stage and addressed Meesho entrepreneurs at the Mission Rise Trivandrum. These kinds of opportunities also help you grow as a person. I wasn’t really confident but I did it as I felt this was a great opportunity to improve upon myself. So this has been a bit of a personal growth journey for me as well,” he notes.

When not working, Deljo also uses some of our Meesho Benefits to lead a very active and fit lifestyle. He uses Meesho’s Fit Pass service, which enables him to get attractive discounts at gyms. Deljo also loves to walk and cycle when he is outdoors. And his other passion is to learn new things. And understanding his love for learning, his manager Sudhanshu Shekhar has also facilitated for Deljo to take up online courses (funded by Meesho) to further his skills.

When not working, Deljo loves to work out!

In conclusion, Deljo says that one of most significant aspects of Meesho is that it is an outcome driven company, and this is an important learning he has acquired at Meesho. “I have also acquired a different perspective working with the smart folks at Meesho,” says Deljo.

Want to join Deljo and others to help Meesho create 20 million entrepreneurs in 2020? Then apply here. We are hiring!

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