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Trupti Jitendrabhai Solanki on being forced to say goodbye to a career and education at 19 and finding her financial mojo, reselling with Meesho

Trupti (left) at Mission Rise Surat

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Well, this saying has been said to death, and we all know this advice is not as helpful as it is cheesy. And yet, when Surat-based Trupti Jitendrabhai Solanki was dealt with some pretty lemons in life, she found a way to use them to her advantage or something. And then Meesho happened to her.

Trupti comes from a family that does not believe that she deserves to have a career of her own, and instead wants her to marry and become a housewife even though she is all of 20-years-old. She has made peace with the fact that neither her own family nor her in-laws will support her if she were to seek out a career outside of her home, but Meesho reselling is something she can do from home. So, that is exactly what she is focusing on now — reselling on the Meesho app, becoming an entrepreneur, and eventually building a brand.

Trupti was engaged off soon after she completed her diploma in Computer Engineering.

Read on to learn all about Trupti’s journey:

Life before Meesho

I am a diploma holder in Computer Engineering and wanted to study further as well, but my father got me engaged and instructed me to focus on household responsibilities. However, I like working and being financially independent, so I was heartbroken.

Sometime during the beginning of 2019, a few ads for the Meesho app kept appearing on my feed on TikTok. Out of curiosity I decided to give the app a go. After installing the app, I watched all the initiation videos on how to use the app, how to download products, how to share with potential customers, how to place margins, and more. I started reselling on WhatsApp soon, where I found customers in my extended family and the women who live in the same society as I do.

Jab I became a reseller

I have gotten a lot of orders from both these groups, and Meesho makes it simple to do these transactions as well. I have loved being a Meesho reseller, which is why I have referred a few of my friends as well. I really imagine a future where I am not a Meesho reseller.

Trupti loves being a Meesho reseller and wants to keep doing it for as long as she can.

As a Meesho reseller, the greatest blessing has been the ability to stand on my own feet and not request my father for money. Even though my in-laws are against me going out to work, I have now proved that I can earn and find independence even while working from home. otherwise this looks like it is ok for people to prevent women from going out to work. With Meesho, I am able to work while also respecting their wishes.

Top tips to run a business

As resellers, we should have an understanding of the rates at which products similar to the ones on Meesho app are selling in markets near us. Only then will we be able place realistic margins and establish a trustworthy relationship with our customers. Meesho has many features that allows us to make cost-effective choices when setting the margin and we should all be utilising them fully.

Meri Mission Rise

I attended the Mission Rise Women Entrepreneurs Summit in Surat in 2019 along with my sister and truly loved being there. When I put up photos from the event, everyone asked me where I had gone, just based on the look and feel of it. When I told them that Meehso organised it, they all called me lucky and encouraged me to further my reselling career. I also won a hair dryer as a gift playing one of the games at the events, and it is one of my most valued possessions.

Trupti made friends with other resellers at the Mission Rise event in Surat and they help each other out still.

More importantly, I also became friends with a few resellers who I still keep in touch with. We help each other out whenever we can even today. So, I value the sense of community that Meesho gave me.

Reselling made easy during lockdown

I had initially not taken up new orders during the lockdown because I assumed delivery partners would not be able to work. However, when I did try placing a couple of orders, I saw that the delivery was done in the safest, most hygienic ways. All delivery partners wear gloves and masks at all times, and do not enter the building to make deliveries even if we ask them to — and I respect that. They strictly follow contactless delivery and leave the product at the gate and I think in these times it is so important.

Trupti achieved financial independence without upsetting the people closest to her, thanks to Meesho.

Next Meesho milestone

My goal is to build a stronger customer base and to ensure that I have returning customers. I want them to think of me as their go-to person for purchases, and to spread the word within their networks that I sell quality products. Once I achieve this, my goals will get bigger.

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