4 easy things to do to protect your privacy

Protecting your privacy has never been so important. Problem is: we never know where to start. It seems so complicated! Hopefully, there are a few easy things you can do to protect your data efficiently.

Add HTTPS Everywhere

A simple way to improve security in your web browser is to add the HTTPS Everywhere extension.This way, your connections will be encrypted anytime you connect to a website that supports https, making the browsing more secure.

Use a Password Manager

To avoid forgetting your passwords or use the same everywhere (ver very not secure), use a password manager that would remember it all for you. Our two favorites (and ranked most secured ones in 2017) are Lastpass and Dashlane. They will make your life SO easy with the password generation feature (it creates complex passwords out of letters, numbers, and special characters for you), the autofill and auto-login feature, the secure sharing, the two-factor authentication, and the protection for other personal data (bank account number, addresses ...)

Shut Down Webcam Creeps

Hacking webcams has become a daily sport. Protect yourself from being creeped! Duck tape works of course but even better are the new webcam covers. Easy to tuck in or out!

Use everyday encryption

This applies for your smartphone, your computer files, and your hard drives. On mobile, new iOS and many Android phones are encrypted by default (if not, you can do it yourself going into Settings). On laptops and computer, use the Disk Utility on Mac to encrypt specific files and Gnu Privacy Guard on Windows 10. Then, choose hard drives with built-in encryption for more secure backups.