How does Lima free up space on your smartphone

Having free space on your smartphone is a (big) problem. We take thousands of pictures and videos a week: at some point there is nothing more you can do other than transferring your photos (annoying and time consuming) or deleting some of them so you can keep up with your creative rhythm.

No existing apps really solved this problem yet.

Take Dropbox: it will store your photos or upload them automatically from your smartphone, but the biggest hassle is that it’s using your local memory to do so.

“It takes up space on each computer hard drive. This can create problems if your hard drive doesn’t have enough available space to sync everything in your Dropbox folder.”

Not really solving the problem then.

Google Photo, Onedrive, iCloud? Those will backup your photos and videos, but most of the time:

  • It will downsize the quality of your photos to optimize storage space if you want to keep it for free (Google Photo),
  • It will be more backup oriented than access oriented (OneDrive),
  • It will be limited to one OS (iCloud)

WD MyCloud? Sounds like it, till you understand that you have to install 3 apps for 1 product. Complicated, and not very access oriented as well!

More than just backup, Lima gives you an easy access to your favorite albums without the “full storage” notification

Lima expands the storage capacity of each of your devices, especially for your smartphone. You can:

  • Automatically upload all your photos and videos from your smartphone to your Lima — the quality of the image will not be changed
  • Delete all your photos and videos as soon as the upload is complete so you will always have free space available for your next shots
  • Easily access your favorite and oldest photos albums inside the same app: you can store TB of photos, and it feels like they are in your smartphone gallery.

The storage capacity on Lima doesn’t depend of your photos size neither of your local memory size. It doesn’t depend on your smartphone’s brand, or OS. It will extend your storage capacity FOR REAL :)

Eager to test it?