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Nov 22, 2016 · 3 min read

Some people have been asking us the difference between what exists on the market today and Lima. It eventually comes down to user experience.

Some routers offer the option to plug a hard drive directly into them. More common on the market are NAS devices, which offer a powerful option to access files at home from a distance.

However, both of these options are far from being easy to set up. On the opposite, Lima offers you a simple and painless way to build your Personal Cloud and safely access your files from anywhere.

Besides the easy installation, here’s a little recap of the main differences between Lima and existing offers:

Lima works as a regular folder on your computer and a single dedicated app on your smartphone and tablet

Lima gives you access to all your files through a unique application. Once you set up the Lima device, you access your files the same way wherever you are (at home or outside) whether it’s a photo, a video, a document, on whichever device you are using at the moment.

On your computer, Lima acts just like another folder. On your smartphone or tablet, the dedicated Lima app gives you access to your files right away: the organization of your files is identical whichever device you are using and they look the same everywhere!

A different technology, a faster access

Behind the curtains, Lima connects your devices in peer-to-peer, which speeds up the access to your files.

That means that if you unplug the Lima device, your devices will keep working together and syncing: there will just be one node missing! (But the Lima node is important of course, as it enables you to stream your files even if all your devices are shut down).

Offline? That works.

Imagine that you’re in the train, or heading to a “no Internet connection” zone. No problem! Lima enables you to keep files offline for those precise moments. Right before taking off, swipe your file left to the “offline” mode and it will be kept on the local storage of your device. Don’t need that file offline anymore? Just swipe right and release space.

As opposed to existing NAS software, Lima enables you to actually work on your files when you’re offline, and will magically sync back when you’re back online. It’s a mix of NAS and Cloud in a way.

Your media files look pretty like on Netflix or Spotify

And that is important! Scrolling your media files is a painless experience. Photo albums are gorgeous, your albums and movies covers are automatically detected and are very visual: they don’t look “like files”. They are easier to find and easier to use: Lima gives everything for a great user experience!

Media players are integrated into the app so you can showcase your photos, videos, and music very easily. You won’t be directed off the app to enjoy your files.

And it’s cheaper!

Don’t you have a hard drive sleeping at home that would suit Lima perfectly? You can choose the storage capacity of your hard drive according to the size your need.


To sum up, Lima does all the work for you: it’s easier to set up, and it makes you want to enjoy your files, not just manage them. Lima was designed for an every day use thanks to its fully integrated experience: users should no longer have to choose between convenience and privacy. Long live the Personal Cloud!


The first Cloud that respects your privacy.


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Access your files from all your devices. Keep those files safe at home. Just the way it should be.



The first Cloud that respects your privacy.