How to install Lima

We will follow the install process step by step.


So, what’s in there?

Your Lima, the cable to plug it, an ethernet cable (the colored one). Not included: the hard drive that you should get on your own. Remember that it needs to be empty at this stage.


1. Plug the Ethernet cable to the Lima device

2. Plug the power cable to the Lima device

3. Plug the hard drive USB port to the Lima device

4. Plug the Ethernet cable from the Lima to the router

5. Power up!

Install Lima on your computer first

Get back on your computer, and go to

Dowload the Lima app and follow the guide

Make sure you have your Lima ready to be used, an empty hard drive, and 10 minutes of your time.

Set up your account!

As a new Lima user, you create an account that you will use on all your devices.

Select your Lima

In case you have two Lima devices (or more) on your network.

Let the magic happen


Now authorize Lima to finish the installation.

Party time! Your Lima is ready.

Install Lima on your other devices

Connect your other devices (phone and/or tablet) to your Lima.

Enter your phone number to connect your smartphone to your Lima.

You will receive a text message giving you the link to download the Lima app. You can also go directly to the App Store or Google Play Store.

Download the Lima app on iTunes or GooglePlay

Sign up with the email address and password you set up your account with.

Connect your smartphone to WiFi.

The data transfer will be easier and faster.

Give permission to Lima to access your photos and video

This will enable Lima to automatically back up the pictures and videos taken from your smartphone.

See? That was easy! Enjoy your Lima!

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