How to take care of your hard drive

And make it last a life time.

Store it flat

A hard drive is built to lay flat, and not on the side. Choose a flat and stable surface where it will not be bumped, moved or dropped. If your hard drive is not laying flat, it can slow down read speed and performance.

Keep it powered

Good quality cables will avoid the hard drive to connect and disconnect from your device especially in the middle of a file transfer. Remember this “Disk Not Ejected Properly” error? Yup, that’s what we are talking about. That is for sure not good for your hard drive! Don’t drop or move the drive while it’s powered or in operation!

Keep it cool

If your hard drive doesn’t come with an integrated fan, it can run hot pretty fast. Most drives are rated for up to 50 degrees Celsius, but make sure there’s good airflow around the hard drive to help in cooling. Put it away from any heaters, air conditioners, drafts or humidifiers.

Let it sleep sometimes

Make sure your device is putting your hard drive to sleep when it’s not using it (FYI, Lima does 😊). To make sure it will happen automatically, you can manually select this option on your computer. (System Preference => Energy Saver)

Back Up!

We only lose what we don’t back up. Get at least one more copy of your data on an other drive or disk. If you’re using Lima, know that with the backup plan, you can set up two Lima in two different locations that will back each other up automatically.

And don’t forget to check out this blogpost about “How to choose the right hard drive for your Lima”! More details on the perfect one to get for your Lima.

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