Keep Summer in your pocket with Lima

All year long, we are waiting for the summer season. We can’t wait for the sun to shine, the beach to warm up, the barbecue to grill, and for gathering with friends and family. Wanna make Summer last forever? Here is how to do so with Lima!

Each photo taken is automatically saved on Lima

Oops, smartphone fell in the pool … sounds familiar? With Lima, that’s no problem. Its automatic upload stores your pictures and videos safely at home almost instantly! All you need is an Internet connection (Wifi, 3/4G) for your memories to be safely stored in another device. No need to seat at the table plugging in cables to transfer your pics.

More space for more souvenirs

Thanks to its automatic upload, Lima frees up space on your smartphone. You can delete photos on your smartphone’s gallery when you need: this means the ability for you to shoot an unlimited amount of photos and videos. You keep the on-the-go spirit while creating beautiful memories for the long winter months to come.

Make your friends jealous with instant sharing

Easily send your friends a link of your latest photos. With the share link feature (iOS & Android), your memories travel in a second from one side of the world to another.

Proofs of your exploits at your fingertips

Grandma won’t believe that you surfed that big wave? You can show her in one click at Christmas dinner. True! Just like that:

A summer that stays forever in your pocket? It is possible thanks to Lima. The best technology to enjoy the moment as it comes!