How to make your pictures memorable

Spring is here 🌸 🌸🌸 You‘re more ready than ever to get out there and take thousand of pictures. With your smartphone, of course. Also, you have a Lima, so your storage capacity is UNLIMITED! We got you some ideas to bring those pics out of your camera roll!

Print your Instagram shots with ARTIFACT UPRISING

One of my favorite app out there. Because it’s extremely easy, and the results are gorgeous. Artifacts prints premium quality 5×5 bordered paper prints: you got 25 images for $21.99. Your prints will look like a card, not a traditional photographic print, and all images feature a small white border.

The must: Everything is done from your phone and the quality is extremely good. Just download the app, then choose your pics from either your Instagram account, VSCO account, or your camera roll: Artifact will size them up for you, and master the colors. You’ll then receive a pretty package, and that’s it! Also, the possibility to go bigger by creating a photo album.

Print on the moment with a portable printer

Don’t feel like waiting a week or two to receive your prints through the mail? Get a portable printer to get your memories out of your camera roll in seconds. Plenty of different brands are on it: Prynt, HP Sprocket, Fujifilm instax SHARE, Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer …Most of them are Ink-free portable printer. You can either attach the printer to your smartphone or connect it via bluetooth.

The must: When you take a picture with Prynt, the app records a video linked to that photo. After it’s been printed, your friends can use the Prynt app to see your hidden messages and play the video! Pretty cool right?

Tired of paper print? Go for tiles with IMAGES SNAP

Import your pics for your camera roll or directly from your Instagram account and create beautiful tiles of ceramic! Each photo tile includes a self-adhesive magnet that you can slap on the back so you can stick it to the wall, to the fridge, or anywhere creative. From 2″x 2″ to 12″ x 12″, it gives a wide range of sized to make your photos shine the way they should!

The must: where else would you print on a ceramic tile? Right. Pretty hipster-ish.

Your DIY smartphone case with CASETIFY

What’s best than having a custom phone case made with a pic taken with … your phone? Kind of make sense 😉 Casetify offers custom smartphone cases (also laptops and Apple watches cases). Very easy set up: Download the app, then connect your Facebook account, Instagram account or download the pics from your camera roll, and in a few clicks, design your own case.

The must: super quality, very easy to use, and you can say that it’s a digital project all the way!