Meet Dan, one of our earliest backers

My name is Dan, I am a big fan of Lima and I’m happy to talk about it! I have been an engineer and manager my whole life. I was retired but I wanted to help a startup out, so I am now back on it as Chief Technology Officer.

I backed Lima on Kickstarter

I was a beta tester from the very beginning. I knew it was gonna be a hot product! I turned 6–7 friends to buy it. The CEO of the startup I work for saw me using it and loved it, so he bought 2 as well!

My setup

I plug a 1TB hard drive to Lima. I connected 4 devices to Lima: an iPhone 6, an iPad pro, an iMac, a Mac Pro laptop. Even though it’s all Apple, I use iCloud to sync calendar/address book only, I’d never store personal stuff on it.

I connected Lima to my sister’s computer as well: I have a folder full of installs/maintenance programs, so I can access my sister’s computer when she has a problem (which happens often) and fix it.

I am using Lima mostly for my music and documents

I have my entire music collection on it, so I can travel with it, whichever device I take with me. But my biggest use is for documents: it fits perfectly the way I work. I like that every doc is organized by date, it’s very easy for me to find what I want.

With the startup, I was using Confluence and Slack. Confluence has tremendous power but it’s very hard to find files. With Lima, it’s a lot easier for me to find stuff — I found it incredibly useful for the way I work.

I don’t use it much for pictures (I take pics of my cats only with my smartphone). I’d rather use my cameras (taking photos is a hobby). I don’t put my photos on Lima because I’d need more than 1TB storage. Also they are not organized at all, so I prefer to store them on several hard drives.

I bought Lima because I LOVE privacy and I want CONTROL.

Back in 99, I transferred all my photos negatives to one of the first digital Cloud. But one day, out of nowhere, they gave 24hrs to all clients to take back the photos because the service was abandoned. Luckily I got all mine back, but as a first experience of a “cloud” service, that was not a good one.

I used Dropbox and it was great. But I understood very quickly that I was going to pay for everything: more bandwidth, more storage … I felt “locked out you” and I did not like it. I liked the convenience of the way it works, the “drag and drop” easiness.

With Lima, I recognize the ease of use: It has the same kind of UI but I have control over it.

I bought 2 more Lima for Backup right away

I love the idea, it was missing! I think I will get SSD for the hard drive: it’s better for rotating media.

I want to be able to share files with friends

I like to share movie with friends. I have a media server in the house, and if my friends wants to access it, they have credentials to log in.

But it’s a pain in the ass! Comcast bandwidth is bad and it slows my internet connection a lot. I wish I could share those movies on Lima!

As you can see, I am a big fan of the Lima device, and I enjoy all the features that are coming out one after another. You could not have picked a better time to come out with that device!!

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