Meet Jean, Lima Ultra user

My name is Jean, I am 50 yo, I am a consultant in the computing industry. I heard about Lima Ultra while listening to a radio interview and I immediately wanted to try it!

I use it mainly to travel with my music and photos

I have 250 GO of music available, 100GO of movies, and as much of photos. I love that I have them with me all the time. It’s so convenient!

I never used Cloud services

I never needed it. I used to store my data on site on my PC and I never needed to store it somewhere else. I used to open a port on my PC which made my files accessible anywhere. But … Lima is faster and more accessible than this system!

I love that my phone went from 64GO to 250GO

I installed Lima on two PCs, and an iPhone 5s and I plugged a 1TA hard drive on it. My phone is now so big!

I carpool a lot with Blablacar and I have so much at disposal for the long hours on the road. I even created a special playlist for it. Really loving it!