Meet Jeffrey, unconvinced by Drobo

My name is Jeffrey, I am a software engineer. I have been working in video games for 30 years, both as a programmer and CTO of a company. I also teach game development.

I heard about Lima about 6 months ago

I stumbled across a Facebook ad as I was looking for a solution like this: being in the creative field makes me produce and store a lot of content, and at some point, it’s hard to manage it. I found myself wanting to find specific content I created before and I couldn’t find it. Some other times, I misplaced some files, and I couldn’t get a hand on them .. Also, I use different machines, and it fills up pretty fast. I was looking for a solution where backup is reliable.

Before Lima, I tried other solutions

I used DROBO, but I wanted something to have a local cache to access files and none of the solution I tried had it. Microsoft writes a copy on every machine (so it fills up local memories). Google Drive makes you put your files in the Cloud and draws them back when you need them. I needed a way to cache my files out.

I have been using Lima for 6 months

I use it on 4 out of my 5 devices: I use 4 computers (2 at home and 2 at the office), both on Windows & OSX. I did not connect my smartphone to Lima, as I have a very limited usage of it (I use it as a phone, as an audio player for the car so I can play audiobooks, and as a GPS). I use a DSLR camera for photos: I back them up on the Lima up so if I want to access a picture, I can find it easily.

I wish I’d be able to prioritize some transfers.

I’d like to have more control over the cache, so I can choose which file should download first. If any issue comes up, I’d love a log to see what the issue is. I use the offline feature sometimes, but it feels a little rough … Regarding backup, I personally don’t need it: I use a RAID box where the device itself uses backup.

As a creative person who uses heavy files on a daily basis, Lima helped me getting organized and saved a lot of my local storage from running out of storage! I can switch computers very easily and keep working on the same content. How amazing!
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