The 5 Devices You Need To Protect your Privacy

Privacy is everything. Here’s a selection of devices that will help you protect yours.


Wish to stay safe from hackers? CUJO is a smart firewall that keeps your smart devices safe from cyber threats so you can stay secure and private online. Their statement is simple: “Your home is full of smart devices. They are not protected by Antivirus, leaving your home open to cyber criminals. CUJO secures everything from tablets and PCs, to TVs and baby monitors.” You buy the device, and then commit to a monthly subscription. For big fans of IoT and smart devices.

From $99 (6 months) to $179 (18 months), then $8.99 per month.


Anonabox router is a router that focuses on providing you “Internet security, privacy and freedom”. Yeah, we love the idea! It uses the Tor Network and additional VPN services so you can browse the Web, send emails, and share files privately. You simply plug it into an existing router or any Ethernet connection, and you become anonymous online.

From $60 to $120.


The all-in-one security solution with HD camera, siren, and air monitor. You control what’s happening in your home. Set Canary on a shelf, connect it to the Internet, and that’s it! Canary will detect unusual activities at home: you can see it, set off the alarm from your phone, and call the emergency services. It’s smart, and it will learn the differences between ordinary and unusual activities. A must-have to keep a peaceful mind when outside.



Tired of losing your keys? Not having enough copies for friends? That won’t be a problem anymore. With Lockitron, you are the Keymaster. Lockitron is a device that goes behind your door and replaces your door key. On the outside, it looks exactly the same. On the inside, it looks like this:

It auto-locks behind you and automatically unlocks as you approach. You control it from your smartphone. You can create guest keys, and you know who enters or leaves your home at anytime of the day.



Don’t want the government to snoop into your privacy? Scared of storing your personal photos on a server somewhere? It might be time to build your Personal Cloud and give your privacy all the care! Lima will safely store your personal files at home, in your own hard drive and make them available to you everywhere. Automatic download of your photos and videos from your smartphone, total privacy, no monthly fees … Lima gives you total control, and it feels good.

Get a Lima today for $99 (Lima Original) or $129 (Lima Ultra).