Share files via a web link on iOS

Amazing news for iOS lovers! The new software update enables you to share a file directly from the Lima app via a web link. By tapping on the file, you can use the new “Share Link” button and share your file with other people directly from your smartphone.

You can email the link provided, message it, copy and past it, and share any picture, movie,or document as you wish.

When receiving the link

On the other side, your friend receives a link to access the content. He/she can then “download” the file from any device. That’s it! That easy.

You can send several files at the same time

First thing to do before sharing a couple of files at once is to zip your files together. This way they’ll be seen as one file by Lima.

If you change the name of the file, or move it to another folder, it will therefore make the link unreachable.

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