The 3 apps we love for smartphone travel photography 📸

Is #iphoneography one of your favorite Instagram tag? Here are our favorites apps when it comes to master the art of shooting life and adventure with your smarpthone.


Have you ever walked through a place and thought: “It’s too bad the Moon isn’t RIGHT there… would have made a great photo!”? Well, now you can just let your imagination fly and calculate when this specific magic moment happens in just a few seconds! With this app, you decide where you want the sun, or the moon then you calculate the exact date and time it happens. That’s it! What’s left is for to you to go and take the shot.

NightCap Pro

You love shooting pics with low light but you always get a dark and grainy result? This app will help. With its AI assistant, you’ll take amazing low light photos and videos. Aidie (Artificial Intelligence Derived ISO and Exposure) handles the camera for you like a pro, ensuring you get the brightest, clearest shots possible. Easier than ever!

Slow Shutter

If you like to capture long exposures with nothing but a smartphone, this is the one for you! Slow Shutter makes it so easy to create stunning shots. You can live preview of what you’re capturing and edit the pic as much as you want. The “milky water” effect won’t have anymore secret for you!