The top 3 skills you need to be a cool dad

Father’s day is around the corner and there is no better moment to collect our love for awesome dads. But wait … are you one of them? Are you a cool dad? If you’re checking the top 3 skills below, we think you’re good 👏🏼😉

You are organized 👈🏼

Cool dads are very organized dads. That well organized that they don’t even think about being organized. It’s natural, it’s easy, and it makes life around them so much easier. Time is well managed, because everything is at its place. Cool dads organize life around them the way they organize their tool boxes: there is a spot for everything. So whatever they want to do, it’s easy, accessible, and fast.

Cool dads have all their memories at their fingertips

You love to protect 💪🏼

Cool dads make you feel secure and protected. It’s like a second nature. Right? Nothing can beat that feeling of reassuring arms when the world around you go nuts. Dads know because they have the life experience you don’t have yet. They give advices, opinions, and support. Looots of support. It’s like they always have a backup plan. A second door for you to open when it feels like you’re done. They protect us from getting lost along the road.

Cool dads make sure their data is protected. With the backup plan, they can set up two Lima that will back each other up automatically.

You’re eager to share 👐🏽

Cool dads love to share their moment of success. They are so proud to show what they‘re building up, whatever it is: projects, careers, family … They like to share their accomplishments with friends or colleagues, so it can inspire. Also because it’s just fun! Cool dads know how to acknowledge opportunities as life gifts and they make it look so simple to achieve them. By sharing their happy moments, they inspire us to reach for our dreams.