MEET.ONE sidechain will soon be launched, all EOS accounts can get 2 EOS: 1 MEETONE from AirGrab

MEET.ONE sidechain will soon be launched. We have from the beginning been determined to encourage a new generation of blockchain development and this milestone will be the next step to achieving our goal.

The launch of the MEET.ONE sidechain will start with an AirGrab for all existing EOS accounts, these accounts will each receive an AirGrab ratio of 2:1 for MEETONE tokens.

All EOS accounts (in the snapshot) can obtain their sidechain accounts ending with “.m” automatically and by AirGrabbing (Claiming) the MEETONE token in the wallet. And each sidechain account will receive 10 MEETONE tokens staked to CPU&NET and 3.5 KB of RAM for free.

  • On February 19th at 02:00 UTC, the MEET.ONE team will snapshot the EOS Mainnet accounts.
  • On February 26th at 13:00 UTC, the MEET.ONE side chain will be officially launched.
  • On February 27th at 13:00 UTC, the MEET.ONE side chain will be officially activated.
  • From February 27th at 13:00 UTC to March 6th at 13:00 UTC, MEET.ONE sidechain users can claim their MEETONE Tokens via AirGrab at a ratio of 2 EOS: 1 MEETONE (the number of airdrops will be determined by the number of EOS Tokens in your Mainnet account at the time of the snapshot).

White paper: