The PayPal registration tutorial of EOS account

MEET.ONE provides a convenient way to register EOS account, and you can own your unique EOS account with PayPal payment.

The following is the registration guidance:

1. Click register General account (or .m account), then set your EOS account name.
The EOS account name can only be 12 digits. If you choose the .m account, the last 2 digits are ending with .m (supporting lowercase a-z & numbers 1–5, 0 & 6–9 are not supported).

2. Click Purchase invitation code on the right side. Once pay success, you will receive the invitation code immediately.
Besides that, the invitation code also can be purchased from the web:

(The price of the screenshot is the actual price, not fixed)

If you have not received the invitation code, please contact our official colleague Eve (@evemeetone) on the telegram. And providing the payment screenshot and PayPal account to get the invitation code manually.

3. For protecting your asset security, a reminder page will show up, click “I know”, it will enter the private key page.

Please make sure that you will not take screenshots or network transmission private key during this step to avoiding asset info being exposed.

4. After saving the private key, click “Complete”, double check the private key has been saved well, then you will be taken to EOS account asset page.

After the wallet is registered, then here you go. No one except you knows that this account is yours.

Security Reminder:

  • The Private key is the ownership of EOS account. And if got lost, it cannot be retrieved anymore.
  • Please confirm that the private key has been copied down correctly and kept properly.
  • Please do not take screenshots or network transmission private key, which may lead to the disclosure of private keys.
  • The EOS private key is a set of numbers starting with 5, so be careful to distinguish between uppercase and lowercase input.

If you have any questions, reach out to us on: Telegram |Twitter