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Apr 30 · 11 min read

EOS Asia Joe: EOS Has Multiple Advantages in Technology and Community — Leading the Industry

MEET.ONE — Goh: EOS Achieves a Flow of User Value

eosDublin — Sharif: Irish Companies Actively Embrace EOS Blockchain Technology

EOS sw/eden — Vahid: The World’s First Country to “Build” Based on the EOSIO

Left to right: EOS Alliance-Myra, EOS sw/eden Vahid

Roundtable Dialogue 1:Trends of EOS dApps from a Global Perspective

Left to right: EOS Tribe — Eugene, EOSphere — Ross, EOSYS — Lievin Kim, EOS BlockSmith — Rodrigo,EOS Silicon Valley — Bo Yu, EOS sw/eden — Eric, Peter from Moran

MYKEY — George: Promoting the Massive Landing of Blockchain Applications Requires Lowering User Barriers to Entry

ITAM — Damian: Content is Important, and Distribution is Equally Important

Left to right: ITAM-Damian, EOS Amsterdam-Brian

D Community - Gogo: The Future Goal of D community is to have 100 million active users on the chain in one month.

Roundtable Dialogue 2: Insight into the Active EOS Community in Asia

Left to right: Moran- Heidi, EOS Beijing- Sven, Huobi Pool-Alina , EOS Cannon-Van Kai , EosStore- Lu Haifeng , EOS Gravity -Peter Li

WhaleEx — Allen Zhao: At Present, the Main Network of One Million Accounts is Not Enough

EOS 42 — Sean: Leasing Everything

EOS Knights Jay:The Future of Blockchain Games

Blockdynamics — Max Song: EOS-Based Big Data Analysis is Promising

EOS Studio — Phil: From Silicon Valley to China, Development and Future of Blockchain — Technical Architecture

President of the Blockchain Association of ZJU — Lowes Yang :Build a Systematic Learning Program for College Students Through EOSIO

Legal Nodes:Use Smart Contracts to Create Global Decentralized Law Firms

Pictures of Closed Meet-Up in April 26th

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MEET.ONE is the Portal to EOS Ecology