Roger connected with his first client, the ADPO Group

The evolution of Roger, from birth to initial implementation

While waking up one morning with a business idea about internal communication did put a spring in my step, it also filled me with a certain amount of trepidation. It took me about three full days to put down my idea on paper.

A couple of weeks later, while I was still working in the financial sector, I was overcome by an uncontrollable urge to talk to someone about it. As soon as I got home that evening I called Pieter Van Leugenhagen, CEO of Commefort, a digital native. We met and I pitched my rough draft of Roger to Pieter. When he gave me the thumbs up, I decided to embark on this exciting and educational project. Bart Van Bambost & Miguel De Buf joined team Roger and immediate confirmed their added value.

Validating our idea was going to be essential from the very start…

During the strategic sprint process we consistently validated our ideas at market level to ensure that we came up with the correct first version, one that actually met market needs. Together with ‘Bundl’ an innovation engine from Antwerp, we consulted various companies, industries, corporate levels and cultures for about eight months to make sure that we touched the right chord and to establish why some companies embrace change while others dread the very thought of it.

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable” — W. Pollard

One of our first clients, the ADPO Group, took us up on our early-bird offer and allowed us to push our project forward.

To accelerate our own learning curve, we asked them a few questions.

Testimonial, Robby Cap, HR manager of ADPO

1. How do you evaluate the cooperation with team Roger from early bird to implementation? As they were able to identify with our corporate needs and culture, we hit it off straight away. We are proud of the fact that we took them up on their early bird offer because, aside from the speedy service and follow-up, it meant a significant step forward in terms of automation & innovation.

2. What did you expect from Roger? We employ 340 people who work in a four-shift system while others work weekends only. Roger literally puts us in our employees’ pockets and allows us to provide everyone with the correct operational assistance. Even our long-term absentees stay up to date!

3. How is Roger deployed within the company? Roger ensures all our business communications, from general messages to individual monitoring, like new employees who have just joined the company. We also blew a new wind through our staff magazine, a wind that brought us into the digital era.

4. Is the management tool easy to use? Yes, the tool is very user-friendly and has proven to be an added value to our HR Department from a time-saving point of view. The data it generates provides us with a live internal communication environment which allows us to intervene ‘à la minute’.

Testimonial, Managing Director Filip De Dycker posted his experience of this opportunity:

ADPO puts great store by a positive company culture with transparent communication between all the employees. This makes the Roger app the perfect medium as it ensures a higher retention rate because it embodies the spirit of the current ‘era of connectedness’ and ‘community feeling’ for the new generation of employees we want to attract.

Involved and well-informed employees will display a greater loyalty towards the company because of the effort we put into ensuring their commitment.

Economically and ecologically, the Roger solution is an added value because it means that we have to use less paper, in short, a win-win situation for employees, the employer and sustainability.

“For a positive company culture and to ensure a higher retention rate, Roger is the perfect medium because it embodies the spirit of the current ‘era of connectedness’ and ‘community feeling’ for the new employees we want to attract.” — CEO F. De Dycker
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