How To Impress A Russian Girl: All The Secrets Revealed

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They say Russian girls are whimsical and hard to understand. People consider these beauties cold ladies challenging to win. Nevertheless, it’s just a stereotype men have because of the absence of knowledge. This article describes principles and techniques on how to impress Russian girls.

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3 principles helpful to impress a Russian woman

There is some basis you should know to succeed in impressing Russian beauties. They’ll guide you in the right way on your journey to a Russian heart.

1. Russian ladies love decisive men. Russian girls are used to a patriarchal family model. The country’s history made people transmit this notion to younger generations. Hence, Ru-brides mail order women are looking for strong men. One of the reasons they begin looking for a spouse abroad is passiveness and infantilism demonstrated by local men. Russian women prefer being with mature men who are ready for actions and not afraid of responsibility.

2. Russian girls love caring men. Knowing about personal beauty and attractiveness, Russian women want to be with men who value it. They start searching for a husband abroad also because local men don’t pay enough attention to those beauties. Russian women who try to find love online dream of being with partners who will bathe them in care. They also expect a man will appreciate those women’s tastes, hobbies, and feelings. They’ll repay a favor, don’t have doubts about that.

3. Russian women love men to be true. Every Russian girl has a little Sherlock Holmes inside. She knows when a man is lying or pretending to be someone he’s not. Russian ladies appreciate honesty between the two. So, don’t try showing her image differently to your soul. She’s ready to enjoy you as you are.

Remember these principles, and you’ll have no questions on how to impress Russian girls!

8 tips to attract a girl from Russia

How to impress a Russian lady? There is a step-by-step guide to make it real.

  1. Be persistent. Russian girls like playing with men’s hearts but not to break them. They enjoy flirting and checking how far men are ready to go to get these beauties. Once a man makes a step, Russian women expect him to continue this path. Moreover, Russian ladies are popular, so persistence is your trump card in this game.
  2. Compliment her. What will impress a Russian lady? Girls from Russia like listening to compliments and feeling special for men. They receive many of those. Still, girls are starving for non-standard admirations. A Russian woman awaits compliments to underline some of their specific features. If you find a beautiful piece of poetry regarding her character trait, her heart will be yours.
  3. Demonstrate interest in her culture. Russian ladies feel excited when foreigners ask about Russian culture. They are ready to talk on any related topic. Use this technique to get in deep touch with a Russian girl. You can start with questions about “balalaika” (music instrument) and “shouba” (meal) .
  4. Use jokes. Russian women have a passion for humor. This country even has several local and national competitions in this field. Therefore, fun is a part of Russian blood. Funny personal stories will definitely cheer their mood up. If you struggle to share them — Internet jokes and stories suit that goal too.
  5. Gift her. The more serious relationship is, the more gifts should be. It’s how Russian ladies think. But this fact isn’t about their mercantilism. For them, it’s just one of the ways of showing love. Girls from Russia enjoy gifts that have some reference to their personalities. So listen to your Russian girl attentively to hear a particular fact about her. It’ll help you to choose the best gift.
  6. Move her to tears. A little insanity is a necessity if you want to impress a girl from Russia. She`ll bathe you in her hugs if you prepare a romantic dinner on the top of the roof, take her in the middle of nowhere on the isles, dance under the night sky in the street, or rent a whole amusement park for several hours. Share one of these ideas in your profile description, and Russian girls will find you online themselves!
  7. Be helpful. No matter what situation there`s, every girl wants to feel a reliable man`s shoulder. Even if you look for Russian women online, you should show the readiness to give your helping hand in an awkward situation, and they`ll appreciate that.
  8. Show your intelligence and interest in her personality. Never be shy to ask questions about the tastes of a Russian girl even if you meet her online. It`s a key to getting a good impression, while your witty mind and sharp phrases will convince her to continue the interaction.

The bottom line

You shouldn`t be a pick-up expert to get an answer to the question of how to impress a girl since the tips mentioned above will do a good favor to you. It`s enough to keep them in mind and use at the right moments to win a Russian heart easily and quickly!