Russian Mail Order Bride Price: How To Calculate Cost Of Russian Wife

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The unmatched success of buying a Russian wife or attracting a girlfriend on trusted platforms has made this service extremely popular all over the globe. Top-rated sites suggest dating Russian women online and guarantee the interaction with real Russian women whose identity is verified and who look for long-term relationships with a serious outcome.

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It`s not easy to provide such a high level of services for free and offer many solutions to make two hearts beating at the same tempo. Therefore, mail order bride services are also known as a Russian wife for sale, and men should be ready to spend a certain amount of money to find a perfect match, get her love, and meet her face-to-face. In case you want a girlfriend, you should spend some money as well. How high can this amount be? Let`s consider below.

Things included in Russian mail order bride and girl cost

No matter how astonishing it sounds, building any relationships can be compared with running a business. Firstly, you develop a plan on how to find the Russian girl of your dreams online. Therefore, a Russian wife for sale is a time-savvy and effective solution that minimizes your participation in frauds or wasting time on useless communication without desired results. Time is money not only in business but also love, so professional help never seems odd.

The next step in developing your love brand is an investment. You should promote your business and let it thrive, and this is exactly the thing known as Russian mail order brides cost. When you decide to buy a Russian bride or charm a dating partner, there are several things to include in the total cost:

  • Online communication: messaging, calls, video interaction needed to attract a Russian woman constitute the first significant part of the love budget.
  • Winning a girl`s heart and soul: sending flowers, gifts, and requesting contact information for personal communication is another milestone on the way to deep feelings.
  • Live meetings and trips to Russia: reputable platforms with Russian women online offer additional services, including an arrangement of a journey to Russia to see and socialize with your intended face-to-face or meeting several women.
  • Moving Russian brides for sale or girls to the country of her partner`s citizenship: preparing necessary documents, ordering tickets, and assisting in relocation.
  • Assisting with the wedding organization: especially if it takes place in Russia and requires the overcoming of many bureaucratic challenges.

The average cost of a Russian mail order bride or dating partner: real numbers

So how much is a Russian mail order bride or girlfriend when it comes to numbers? The majority of mail order bride platforms say: getting a woman may range from $10,000 to $30,000. The sum is so different since many factors influence Russian brides cost. If you`re interested in the way it`s calculated, consider the following prices:

  • Communication services: from $50 to $500. The more ladies you choose to interact with online, the larger amount of money you need to learn them better.
  • Winning woman`s attention and trust: gifts, flowers, and contact details may require an investment from $100 to $1,000.
  • Arrival to Russia: including flight tickets, accommodation, entertainment, and meals, the price is between $2,000 and $5,000.
  • Bringing a wife home: the cost of collecting documents, ordering visas, tickets, sending belongings may reach $3,000 — $5,000.
  • Wedding ceremony: the price depends on your imagination and wishes, but the minimum is around several hundred dollars.

It means Russian mail order bride or lady prices aren`t stable, and every situation is unique. However, even if you decide to save, there are few chances to spend less than $10,000 to buy a bride from Russia. Therefore, the average Russian mail order wife or a girl price is around $15,000 — $20,000.

Is the cost of a Russian mail order bride or girlfriend higher than traditional dating?

Though this amount seems quite impressive, you should compare it with traditional dating, and any doubts will eliminate forever. The biggest expenses in purchasing wives or women on Russian online dating platforms are the tickets since cross-continent flights have never been cheap. Imagine you have another vacation that will not only let you relax from your routine but also explore new culture and enjoy a romantic pastime with a woman you like.

Furthermore, only think about sum spent on a traditional date — not less than $200 on average. If you invite 5 girls and none of them will meet the expectations, you lose over $1,000 and don`t get the expected outcome. Let alone the wasted time and the feeling of great disappointment. On dating and mail order bride sites, all Russian women crave to build families and are ready to be loyal partners. So any money spent on getting them is worth.

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