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There’s no doubt that women from two completely different countries wouldn’t be the same. However, how different women can be? That’s the set question for you to solve today. Let’s list some of the main characteristics that make American and Russian ladies so polar.

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Russian women:

  • They appreciate small things and are usually really positive
  • They still believe in romance and chivalry
  • They’re naturally elegant yet strong-willed
  • They put a lot of time and effort into looking after themselves

American women:

  • They’re enthusiastic about their career
  • They’re realistic
  • They cherish personal space yet they love spending time together
  • They don’t put too much effort into looking good

A deeper look into American Women vs Russian Women

It’s agreed that these points might not be enough to satisfy your curiosity about Russian women! That’s why it’s been decided to discuss their differences in detail. So what are the main distinctions between Russian and American women?

Religiousness and university diplomas of Russian vs American women

One of the few things that these both countries have in common is the importance of religion. Many Russian girls are orthodox Christians. However, religion won’t stop a Russian lady from marrying an atheist or a man of other religions. Another thing that should be mentioned is 80% of women in Russia get into universities after finishing high school. This is because education is immensely important to Russians. Without a proper diploma, they won’t be able to work at their dream place! Therefore, they’re diligent and try their hardest to be the best.

Putting extra effort into everything

A Russian woman remains feminine and elegant no matter the circumstances. Even if it’s a walk to the store, she’ll turn heads anywhere she goes. On the contrary, American ladies don’t consider being all groomed for going out necessary. The advantage of Russian girls is clear — they’ll always look stunning and will please your eyes no matter the occasion. If you compare American women vs Russian women, it’ll be prominent that Russian beauties take care of themselves because it’s in their blood. They rarely think high of themselves, even if they look like goddesses. These girls are down-to-earth and will put a lot of time and effort into creating a loving relationship.

Level of emancipation

A great difference between Russian and American women is their attitude to feministic views. Western men often complain about overly emancipated females living next to them, and only a small percentage is ready to embrace these women. The majority of guys aren`t ready to come to terms with these views, and therefore, they`re more attracted to family-oriented and raised in patriarchal families Russian ladies. Although Slavic girls follow this world trend, this kind of emancipation is a far cry from the western nations.

They are family-oriented

A Russian mail order wife is less independent and more family-oriented. If you want to marry a woman who is ready for family life and is not against having kids, Russian brides are a perfect choice for you!

They are extremely beautiful

Although there are many beauties in the United States, grace and beauty of mail order wives from Russia are unique and exceptional! Any of the girls that you would find on the website could charm you with elegance and supernatural looks. One of the best things about wives from this country is the fact that they are very different. You can meet a girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slim body. But you can also find ladies with brown hair, green eyes, and curvy body.

They are supportive and intelligent

A wife should always help her husband with wise advice. Women from Russia know how to be wives, which is why you will find a partner who is not only attractive and passionate but also who knows how to help and support.

Dating peculiarities

It`s interesting to find out how different dating culture is for Russian and American women. Western ladies aren`t afraid to be initiators of the relationships and pick up guys without any hesitations. Slavic females can also brace themselves and arrange a meeting with a man they like, but it`s more an exception rather than a rule. Furthermore, Russian girls want attention and listen to what men are saying, so males should be careful in their expressions and behavior towards these ladies.

What does dating Russian women in the USA look like?

If you believe you can`t meet Russian women in the USA without leaving the country, it`s a great mistake. Modern technologies have made it possible to get acquainted and date a Russian woman in America with a minimum of effort. It`s enough to register on trusted dating or mail order bride sites and benefit from various communication tools, including chats, emails, phone, and video calls. Males who want to get a close-to-reality dating experience can arrange traditional meetings with Russian women in the USA directly on the platform or go on a romantic trip to Russia themselves.

Conclusion on Russian vs American women

Only a few of the differences between ladies of the USA and Russia been listed. There’s so much more to talk about, however, it’s better to get to know them deeper in private. Most Western men have only positive experiences with dating Russian brides! There are many significant features of Russian women that American ladies lack, which make them perfect life partners! The most important part of dating Russian women is probably learning a bit about their culture and traditions. Such a thing will definitely please a Russian girl and she’ll appreciate your interest in her country. Russian women are still women, keep that in mind! They’re real people and can have minor flaws, but doesn’t it just make the person more intriguing?

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