Meet Colin Phillips…

“This cast is MASSIVE and full of astounding voices and performers. The team behind this production are incredibly hardworking, competent, and will ensure you leave stunned. This is the classic, epic take on a classic, epic piece of work- as it should be.” — Colin

Colin graduated from Garland High School, and is in his 3rd year at Collin College. He was a heavy metal singer most of his life, and now has turned to acting. Colin has previously been seen on the John Anthony stage productions of In the Heights (assistant director/Piragua Guy) and Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd).

Q: What role do you play in Les Misérables?

A: Jean Valjean

Q: Why did you audition for Les Miz?

A: This is a dream show of mine (as I’m sure it is for many musical theater actors)- it’s challenging, it’s massive, and the message is universal.

Q: How’s the process been so far?

A: It’s been incredibly fun! I see so much joy in the work of my cast mates performing songs they’ve probably been singing since they discovered musical theater. That’s something very special.

Q: Something else special is that your father is in the show with you. How’s that?

A: Sharing the stage with my father for the first time in my life, after his 20-year hiatus from acting, makes me very proud. It’s cheesy, but I’m proud.

Q: You say this show is massive. What do you mean?

A: I can’t lie and say this isn’t the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. This role is known for ruining voices, and I’m well aware at 21 years of age, there’s some danger involved, so my daily routine has changed to take necessary precautions. The physical demand is also nothing to nothing to sneeze at. All of that being said, it’s a dream come true and I’m having the time of my life!

Q: What’s next for you after this show?

A: I plan to audition and work professionally around Dallas as an actor and see where the craft takes me.

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