David Milan is an Independent Artist, Illustrator & Designer

He creates visual work including typography, lettering and illustrations for clients around the world such as: Wacom, MTV, Ferrero Rocher, Wix, Crocs, HBO and and many more companies, agencies and studios.

His work has been featured in different websites, magazines and digital publications such as Photoshop Creative Magazine (Issue 158, October 2017), Goodtype Book, Calligraphy Masters, Behance and more.

Can you tell me about your journey? When did you first find your love for Lettering/Design?

Well, everything started when I was 15 years old as a graffiti writer, I started to feel some kind of love for the letters. Then I get into the university and I left the graffiti aside and until a couple of years ago I started to make calligraphy and lettering again, and this is when my life begins.

How did you land your first ‘real’ Lettering/Design job?

It was very fun project but a little complicated. It was a project with Ferrero Rocher, I had to make phrases and words in a calligraphic style on 400 Christmas spheres. I broke a few haha but the project was great.

You have worked with a wide variety of clients including MTV, Wacom, Wix, HBO and more. You also have an extensive amount of personal work. What is your favorite kind of work?

They’re all my favorites. I really enjoy my work, I also like to experience new things, try to make new techniques (for me). Also if you go through my website or Instagram profile you can realize that I’m in love with painting, colors and textures. I always try to include calligraphy / lettering in my works. I think that’s what can distinguish me from others.

What’s the most useful piece of feedback you’ve ever received?

Well, I used to upload flat and simple works, you know, without much color etc. Once someone told me to try to make something more colorful, more dynamic and less perfect. I did it, and until now I have not stopped doing it.

What inspires your work?

Everything, from my workspace, music and even smells. And of course, as everyone, I get inspired from different websites, designers and artists.

What Illustrators/Designers have influenced your work the most along the way?

I have too many, but I love the work of Luke Choice, Alex Trochut, Gemma O’Brien and Tyrsa. They’re all a huge inspiration for me.

What are your favorite things to Design/Draw?

I love to work with gradients, shapes and paints. Of course using typography. I like to give some effect to the letters, whatever it is but something that its out of the ordinary. I use the dripping effect a lot.

What advice would you give to someone who just graduated college and is new to the creative field world, but does not know where to begin?

Just go back to my first posts on Instagram, I wasn’t very good. My best advice is to continually explore new ideas and practice as much as you can. That’s the most important thing for creative people, never stop exploring and keep your brain working. Stay curious, no matter how many likes you get on Instagram. This is not a competition.

Finally, what are you currently focusing on?

In continuing to explore day by day. Try new things and keep learning from others.

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