Meet the Crew

Dylan Muileboom

A few months ago now I was introduced to Dylan Muileboom via Jennifer Sinclair, the convenor of the Niagara Prosperity Initiative. Jen saw clearly why the two of us should meet, and now I do too.

Dylan’s passion is horticulture. He is simply put, a plant master, with roots in permaculture, native plants, ecosystems and edible landscaping.

Does it sound like a fit yet for the Niagara Farm Project?

Honestly it’s perfect.

To say we are thrilled to have Dylan in our crew is an understatement.

This spring/summer, you will be seeing Dylan carry out our Farm in a Box initiative throughout Niagara. While I think I have learned quite a bit myself, I really am still just a baby when it comes to horticulture. Dylan on the other hand is definitely who you want to be talking to about starting a garden. He gets it. He knows. Whether you are starting small, with basic permaculture techniques, or transforming your your property into a mini-ecosystem, we’ve now got you completely covered. Another piece of the puzzle is complete.

You can see why right? We’re not disguising what we’re up to. It’s time to plant more food. Would you like our help getting your own garden started? It’s not anymore complicated than that. There’s reasons why the Niagara Farm Project is doing what it’s doing, and there’s definitely specific ways we are going about doing it.

If you check out Dylan’s company, Hummingbird Landscaping, you will see that he has shared his dream with us on his website. Dylan wants to create as many ecological, editable landscapes as he can, and eventually build a facility that would serve as an example of how to live in harmony with the land. He of course wants to use passive solar building constructions and permaculture/ecological landscape design principles. It’s an incredible dream, and one that I think we can each identify with. This, and he plans to do it all with his wife and business partner, Cassandra Musungayi, another beautiful person.

I feel privileged that I get to witness this dream progress, they are already working on it and it’s inspiring to see.

The Niagara Farm Project is about like-minded people connecting. What an exciting time. There’s certainly quite a few of us now, and while we are all similar, we are also very unique. We each have our jobs to do however, regardless of who we are, and I am so thankful Dylan is already doing his. Now he’s about to help us as a collective and we are very grateful. We as an organization are better off for it, but the Niagara Region is too.

Welcome to the crew Dylan :)

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Originally published at on February 24, 2016.