Meet Colby Smith!

Name: Colby Smith

Hometown: Lambertville NJ

Favorite food: strawberries

Person you would most like to meet: Barack & Michelle Obama. I’m pretty certain Michelle and I would be immediate fast friends and it doesn’t seem fair that we’re not.

How many years you’ve done Braking AIDS: this will be my 7th year.

Any other cycling events you’ve done: 2 full Ironman competitions. A bunch of halves.

A brief thought on why the ride matters: For me, it’s a reminder to step outside of myself and outside of my comfort zone. I feel like as a society we’re so inundated with information that it’s good to take time and focus on 1 issue for a bit. It reframes things for me each year — I realize that so many of the things I worry about and spend time fretting about just aren’t really all that important. Housing Works serves a population that is struggling just to make it day to day — a population that we so often forget, distance ourselves from, and think of as “other.” But these folks are us. They’re me. One tiny little blip of a change in my past and that could be me struggling to stay alive. How could I not work to give back?

Your 2016 fundraising goal: $5000

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