Meet Mike Froggatt!

Name: Mike Froggatt

Hometown: Coatesville, PA

Favorite food: Any hearty stew

Person you would most like to meet: Kurt Vonnegut (dead) or Barack Obama (alive)

How many years you’ve done Braking AIDS: 5

Any other cycling events you’ve done: AIDS LifeCycle

A brief thought on why the ride matters: I’m still riding for one reason: Love. Love for my ride family, love for anyone fighting HIV/AIDS alone, and love of a potential future where we no longer needlessly lose any beautiful souls to this disease. The only way we’re going to make that future is by coming together and eliminating stigma, providing equal access to care, and relentlessly advocating for our community at the local, state, national and international level. The ride and Housing Works hit on all three.

Your 2016 fundraising goal: $20,000

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