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Jun 18, 2018 · 2 min read
Alex & Daria on their wedding day, June 8th 2018.

Getting married is all about romance, happiness, devotion … and, of course, the legal recognition of the union of two soulmates. At least, that is the way one of Bitfury’s employees saw it — the permanent recording of their decision to spend their lives together.

When Alex Shevchenko proposed to his fiancée, Daria, they decided to confirm their marriage in a different way than most couples — on the Bitcoin Blockchain. “That’s the way we can save it forever, he said. By attaching their marriage certificate to a small amount of bitcoin (a few satoshi) and sending it as a transaction, Alex and Daria were able to enshrine their marriage onto the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Now, no matter what happens to their paper document or government database, they will be able to go to and view their marriage certificate from any corner of the world. You can even check Alex and Daria’s transaction here.

Currently, sending an actual transaction of bitcoin with a message is the only way to secure your marriage (or other information) on the Bitcoin Blockchain. But there is a strong possibility that, in the future, such government registries will be run entirely on blockchain technology.

A couple like Alex and Daria could go to the legal entity in their city (or the official website of the registry) and submit the required documents to confirm their identities. In a few minutes, they would receive a digital certificate with a unique digital identifier (a “hash”) that confirms their new status as husband and wife — and even check the certificate exists on both a private government blockchain as well as a public blockchain. Whenever the couple needs to confirm their status (for example, when buying their first house), they can easily find and show the certificate that is easily verified.

We think this future is coming sooner rather than later. We are already merging government registries with blockchain in the Republic of Georgia and Ukraine. Using blockchain technology, we can transform any registry into a modern private blockchain system that citizens can use to access public services in a much faster and more secure way.

This is the future we’re working to build every day at Bitfury — making the world more transparent and trusted for everyone, including for couples like Alex and Daria.

Meet Bitfury

Learn more about Bitfury, the leading full-service blockchain technology company.

The Bitfury Group

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The Bitfury Group is the leading full-service blockchain technology company.

Meet Bitfury

Learn more about Bitfury, the leading full-service blockchain technology company.

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