At Fourth Annual Blockchain Summit, Thought Leaders to Seek New Solutions to Global Challenges

Hosted by Bitfury and ACTAI Global in Morocco

It’s that time of year — the Bitfury Group’s annual Blockchain Summit kicks off this month in partnership with Bill Tai and ACTAI Global. This year, we are gathering at Sir Richard Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, where we will focus on the promising ways that blockchain technology can bring positive change to Africa and the Middle East. These regions are cradles of innovation, home to communities with the ambition and perspective to solve some of the oldest (and newest) challenges facing our world today.

Discussions during the 2017 Blockchain Summit

It is clear that our world (and our sector) is at a crossroads. We are living in a time when nations are turning inwards and tending towards isolationism; a world where people uprooted from their homes undertake often-treacherous journeys to seek safety; and where citizens cannot trust the basic security of nearly any digital system. This problem touches every sector and crosses every border. When faced with such chaos, we have a choice. We can let fear and discouragement freeze our drive to do good work. We can stop resisting and build systems that are isolated and insecure. We can focus solely on our own communities and let the rest of the world care for themselves.

Or, we can challenge these forces to work with us to improve the systems and services that people rely on to build good lives — for themselves and their families.

We can bring as many communities to the table as we can. We can build our solutions with an eye not only to digital security, but the personal security of our neighbors. Where we see chaos, we build coalitions. Where we find insecurities, we repair with trust.

Panel from the 2017 Blockchain Summit

That is why Bitfury, along with ACTAI Global, created the Blockchain Summit. Working together, we have one goal — to bring global leaders from every sector to the table to speak openly about our greatest challenges and take meaningful steps to fix them. We think blockchain technology is a crucial part of that story. Our guests spend nearly a week in intense conversation and panels digging into the different aspects of blockchain and crypto technologies, and we drive them to pursue outcomes and partnerships that affect lasting change. Our summits have fostered a strong network of allies and friends, with connections that transcend time zones and borders. We have seen some amazing collaborations, including the creation of the Blockchain Alliance and the Global Blockchain Business Council.

This is what our summit is all about — getting people out of conference rooms and out from behind email and turning ideas into action, with blockchain as a critical tool in their toolbox.

I look forward to seeing what we catalyze this year in Morocco. When we reconvene in 2019, I think we will see yet another group of motivated allies working together to make a difference and creating a better world for all of us.

— Valery Vavilov, CEO of the Bitfury Group