Bitfury Brings Crystal Blockchain to Korea with Hancom Secure

Leading IT Security and Blockchain Firms to Offer Crystal Blockchain Analytics

SEOUL, April 4, 2019

The Bitfury Group today announced that it has partnered with leading Korea IT security company Hancom Secure to distribute Bitfury’s Crystal™ analytics platform to their clients.

Hancom Secure clients will soon be able to use the Crystal platform to improve KYC/AML procedures, further cybercrime investigations, and support blockchain-based financial services. The Crystal platform provides analytics for the public Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum blockchains and is engineered by Bitfury, the leading full-service blockchain technology company.

“Crystal is proud to do business in Korea, which is a global leader in innovation and support for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies,” said Marina Khaustova, CEO of Crystal. “We look forward to supporting these companies as they build their blockchain and crypto-based services to include our robust analytics and research support.”

Hancom Secure, an affiliate of Hangul and Computer Group, will organize a specialized team to analyze transactions on the public blockchain. Building on its successful suite of products like Xecure Key Manager for public institutions and the financial community, Hancom Secure will use Crystal analytics to further increase the transparency and security of transacting with cryptocurrencies. This partnership with Bitfury will also help Hancom Secure maximize its expertise in the public blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors and strengthen its investigative practice by cooperating with the №1 mobile forensics company in Korea, Hancom GMD of Hancom Group.

Row Elizabeth Kim, CEO of Hancom Secure said, “We expect that the importance of transaction analysis platforms will be increased in accordance with the commercialization of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Hancome Secure will focus on securing customers and dominating the market in advance with aggressive sales and marketing strategies.”

The Crystal team presented with Hancom Secure at CodeGate 2019 on March 27 in Seoul. The head of Product for Crystal, Kyrylo Chykhradze, demonstrated how to use the Crystal blockchain analytics platform to investigate cyber-attacks related to cryptocurrencies (including ransomware, exchange hacks, and more) using real examples from Crystal’s investigations.

About Crystal Blockchain

Crystal is the all-in-one blockchain analytics platform, providing a comprehensive view of the public blockchain ecosystem. Crystal is available as a SaaS, API, or as an on-premise installation. Crystal is engineered by the Bitfury Group, the world’s leading full-service blockchain technology company.




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