Crystal Blockchain Analytics Launches New “Activity” Tracking Feature

Today, we rolled out a brand-new feature on the Crystal™ platform — the “Activity” feature. This feature enables users to monitor the activity of a certain address or a set of addresses and receive notifications when the balance attributed to those addresses changes. Users can set a minimum balance change, assign a name to each case, and receive optional email notifications.

Example of the activity notification in Crystal interface

This feature is designed for any user who needs to track certain addresses over an undetermined period of time. In the case of an investigation, for example, funds/addresses may sit dormant for months until they are moved. The activity feature can immediately detect this change and send a notification to the user.

We used a beta version of the Activity feature while we investigated the recent Electrum theft case. When the alleged hacker started moving funds from known compromised addresses, we received notifications that helped us continuously update the case for weeks.

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