Crystal™ Blockchain Introduces Light Version and Advanced Address Tagging

Crystal Blockchain
Dec 3, 2019 · 3 min read

In the latest update to the Crystal platform, clients can now tag addresses, collaboratively work on investigation cases, and opt for the lighter version of the Crystal Analytics platform

Crystal Light for API Users

Crystal Light, an easy-to-use version of the Crystal Blockchain platform, is now available for free for all Crystal API users. All know-your-transaction requests made through the Crystal API can be mirrored in the Crystal Monitor, so crypto compliance teams will be able to see the system-generated alerts on a web interface as well.

Check out the full Crystal product portfolio and its benefits here:

Address Highlighting

Additional address highlighting capabilities are released on the platform. In addition to the inclusion of sanction lists published by regulators (i.e., the OFAC sanction list), you can create and manage your own custom list of addresses/wallets. If any interactions with these addresses are detected (deposits or withdrawals), Crystal will automatically highlight the transaction and notify you.

Introducing Tags

(for blacklisting, advanced searching, etc.)

Most of the addresses viewed on Crystal are attributed to a certain cluster (named or unnamed) which identifies the publicly operating entity that manages the private keys for this particular address.

With Crystal, you can assign a tag to certain addresses located within a cluster according to your needs — including blacklist tags, user identification tags, and more.

We will be continuously adding new tags. For the full list please refer to the User Guide in your account.

Advanced Search

The Crystal team has also added an “Advanced Search” option on the platform. Users can now search by blacklist tags/labels, as well as by entity names or hashes.

This update will improve usability for compliance teams extensively analyzing various activities on the blockchain.

Case Sharing

Case sharing is now available on Crystal, allowing your teams to share cases across teams. This will be followed shortly by corporate Crystal accounts.

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