Crystal Product Update: Corporate Accounts and Euro View

Crystal Blockchain
Jan 20 · 2 min read

Crystal Blockchain now offers Corporate Accounts for our Virtual Asset Service Provider clients, along with the addition of live BTC to EUR conversion!

About Corporate Accounts

In this latest release, Crystal has introduced Corporate Accounts, designed to make cooperation across company teams more convenient. This feature enables employees to easily share access to the Visualizations, Cases and Trackings features as well as other relevant data with colleagues.

For added security, the manager or administrator of the Corporate Account may set various permissions for users of the accounts, to decide what kind of information they may view or edit.

The platform has two default roles, ADMIN and DEFAULT. The Account Manager may create other roles or set their own permissions for each role, based on tasks and responsibilities.

Euro View

The Crystal platform now has an upgraded fiat view, offering both Euro and USD transaction values, so users can understand the value of BTC transacted on the day in the currency of their choice. (The exchange rate is calculated for the moment when the transaction was finalized).

See the Crystal Blockchain platform in action. Get a demo today!

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Crystal Blockchain

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