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Aug 9 · 2 min read

Our new Configurable Risk Scoring feature introduces the capability for all users to customize several risk preferences when using our proprietary risk-scoring algorithm.

Our analysts assign Risk Scores to known entities based on their activities and transactions. That Risk Score in then propagated to other addresses as the entities continue to interact with one another.

Now, you can assign your own Risk Score to the entities you review — once you do so, the Risk Score of all related addresses is recalculated. We hope this makes it even easier for you to conduct your research and investigations according to your mandate.

A sample of a risk scoring profile

Configuring Your Risk Scoring Preferences

You can now input your preferred risk score value for each entity type and how strongly you want that score to influence the entities/transactions related to it. For example, if your company primarily needs to detect interactions with darknet markets, you may set the highest possible strength of influence for this entity type, while other types may be given a medium or low strength of influence. You may also configure your risk scoring preference regarding the direction of the transaction. For example, if you are researching ransomware attacks, an address of a victim who sent a payment to the hacker’s address would be treated differently than the address of the hacker themselves, if you configure higher risk scoring for incoming transactions.

Setting Several Risk Profiles

A set of your Risk Score configurations is called a Risk Score Profile. You may create any number of Risk Score Profiles and switch between them depending on the case you are working on. Our analysts have also prepared a default profile to fit the needs of the average platform user as a template profile. (This feature is always available in the list of your Risk Score Profiles.)

We hope this feature improves your experience using Crystal analytics for compliance and due diligence processes. If you have suggestions or feedback on this upgrade, please let us know at

What features would you like to see added to the Crystal Blockchain platform? Send us your suggestions at

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