New Crystal Features: Enhanced Notifications, Connections, and Tracking

Today, the Crystal analytics team rolled out three exciting product updates in Version 2.2 of the platform, including improvements for the Connections, Tracking, and Notifications features.

Upgraded Feature 1: Activity Notifications

We have optimized our Activity Notifications feature. Now you can be notified of changes for a balance and/or a Risk Score for a particular address.

This is a critical addition for KYC/AML procedures — it helps you constantly monitor the Risk Score of your counterparties and notifies you once it reaches a certain level, improving your risk management.

Users also can more easily add a set of addresses that participated in a transaction to their visualizations. For example, if you are an exchange and have received a payment, you may add all the inputs of the transaction in one click. If you are an investigator, you can add all outputs of a transaction to monitor their activity in the future (this is especially useful when monitoring stolen funds).

Upgraded Feature 2: Indirect Connections

We have upgraded the Connections feature when viewing addresses/entities. The previous version of the Crystal platform showed only the counterparties that interacted directly with the address/entity. Now we provide a diagram of all tracked address/entity interactions, and users may switch between Direct Connections and All Connections, which includes both direct and indirect relationships. The upgraded tool analyzes incoming and outgoing transactions and tracks them until the funds reach a known entity. So, if two entities interact via intermediate addresses with unknown owners, the interaction will still be included in “Indirect Connections.”

This upgraded feature is helpful when checking the origin of funds of a specific user during KYC or AML procedures. Using the Connections feature can significantly reduce this tracking time. It can also help users understand why an address/entity received its Risk Score.

As we continue to optimize this feature, we will be expanding the number of tracked transactions and the length of the path to a known entity. Stay tuned!

Upgraded Feature 3: Tracking (for Ethereum Transactions)

In Version 2.2, you can track the funds found in Ethereum transactions. Tracking is one of the most helpful features of the Crystal platform, especially when starting an investigation into cases of theft where the thief tries to confuse the chains of transfers of funds as much as possible.

Below you can see the results of the tracking of funds from the transaction associated with the recent alleged DragonEx hack:

Our priority is to maintain a top-class analytics platform with features that make your analysis or investigation easier. If you have tried our new features, we’d love to hear your feedback. If you haven’t, try Version 2.2 here today!

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